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Price: $340.00

Model: DWP-98

The DWP-98 is sturdy, High precise counting scale which is perfect for repeated use in industrial settings. Advantages include the following:

  • Separate displays show unit weight, total weigh, and material count
  • Large LCD display prevents mistakes – clear numbers allow for precision and accuracy no matter what circumstances you’re using this scale under.
  • Numerous adding and counting functions make keeping track easy and prevent expensive errors.
  • Equipped with rechargeable batteries.

This industrial counting scale can make the difference between your operators doing a so-so job, and a great job. It’s easy to use, and perfect for all kinds of industrial applications. Errors add up, and cost you money – preventing errors is easy when you choose the DWP-98.


Scale Size: 13" (D) x 11" (W) x 4.5" (H)
Function/Weighing Modes: Real-time clock & Set point by quantity/ kg and lb
Capacity: CAH: 30kgs (60lb) CBH: 15kgs (30lb) CCH: 6kgs (12lb)

CAH:0.5g(0.001lb); CBH: 0.2g(0.0004lb); CCH: 0.1g(0.0002lb)

Interface RS-232 Output
External Resolution 1/60000
Platform Size: 11.5" x 9"
Platform Material: Stainless Steel
LCD Size: 2.5" x 1" each (3 displays)

110V (9V DC 500mA -(+ ) or Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Operators Manual:


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