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At DIGIWEIGH, we have made it our mission to offer high quality products that will fit within any budget.  Whether you have a small or large business, you need quality – and we are happy to provide it. 

Our mission really came into focus a decade ago.  Prior to October of 2001, we were a strictly dedicated Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  We were dedicated to building high-quality scales for US and European brands – and we built millions of them!  At the time, such high quality scales were a luxury for many small businesses which could barely afford, so we catered primarily to big business.

The secret is, a high quality scale is not expensive to build!  Digiweigh decided to build excellent, affordable scales, and offer them to small businesses – and today, DIGIWEIGH offers those outstanding products, all designed in our beautiful California company.

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FCC Approval RF wireless kit
Congratulation! Digiweigh RF wireless kit fully passed the Federal communications commission te...
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"Made in USA" Floor Scale
Digiweigh starts to manufacture some scales in USA. This Made in USA super heavy duty floor sca...
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Floor scales, Pallet Jack Scales & more - DIGIWEIGH

We offer you Floor Scales, Pallet jack scales, Pallet Scales, Industrial Scales, Shipping Scales that are durable and give you great value for your money. These scales can be integrated with your operations. Our scales are of the highest quality and are supported by a customer friendly after sales service. With DIGIWEIGH you will be convinced you don't have to pay a lot for great scales.